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The Wait for E-Yuan is Over

There is little doubt in anyone's mind that cryptocurrency is the future. In the span of a few short years, it has changed how we have view the global economy. Regions all across the earth have been changed by this technology forever, which includes China.

In an effort to corner a section of the cryptocurrency market, the Chinese Construction Bank has begun producing a china-based cryptocurrency called E-Yuan.

E-Yuan has been in early testing for years at this point, so we're very excited to announce that it's finally ready to go.

As a regional cryptocurrency, E-Yuan has the ability to become massive in the scene. Coins like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and XRP grow and make headlines based on limited usage and technology. E-Yuan, on the other hand, already has a place for itself carved out in the ever-evolving global crypto market.

That's where YuanPay Group comes in. We want to help those that might not yet be aware of the potential that this coin holds. We've been set up to drive investment into the coin, allowing the wider global world access to what might become one of crypto's leading assets.

YuanPay Group Facilitates Your Growth

E-Yuan is growing at an unprecedented rate in China. The clock is ticking on your window of opportunity, so act fast.

Yuan Pay Group is the definitive broker to use when buying E-Yuan.

Everything on our platform is all about the coin. We're specialists in it.

We already have a massive userbase full of investors, and we're just waiting for you to hop on board. There are several reasons why investors decide to trade with use for E-Yuan over other platforms.

Authorized Cryptocurrency Trading License:

We are the only company in China with legal authorization to trade E-Yuan. This is backed by our official crypto trading license. Our authorization guarantees you a level of quality that you aren't going to get with any non-legit traders of E-Yuan.

More important than that, though, is the fact that we're the only trustworthy suppliers of E-Yuan on the market. All of your coins are safe in our offline storage databases.

No Fees:

E-Yuan has backing from various Chinese financial institutions for helping to bring E-Yuan to the wider global audience. As such, we're able to offer you our services completely free of charge.

Our goal isn't to turn a profit but to spread awareness of the official Chinese coin, and our no fees policy reflects that.

Top Tier Software Management Tools:

Our software management tools are designed to give you quick and easy access to your E-Yuan. You can exchange any fiat currency for E-Yuan in a matter of seconds with our platform, and you can manage your portfolio to your heart's content.

Bank Approvals:

We work with all of the major financial institutions around the globe. We're able to get your money deposited or withdrawn in a matter of minutes with most banks, which is convenient for our American and European clients.

The Story of E-Yuan

Back in 2019, the Chinese Construction Bank expanded its trade blockchain platform to facilitate the implementation of new utility.

The Chinese market was beginning to take the crypto race seriously, and the upgrade was a part of that new competitive mindset. The new abilities that were introduced included the likes of cross-chain and interbank transaction facilitation.

Prior to the launch of E-Yuan, Libra was the cryptocurrency of choice for most of China. However, over the last two years, Libra has faced a host of issues that has seen its growth stopped dead in its tracks, and its value faltered.

Primarily, the fact that Visa and PayPal pulled out of the coin was enough to dissuade any major corporations from using it again. This left a major gap in the Chinese cryptocurrency market. A gap that E-Yuan aims to fill.

Prior to its launch, E-Yuan had undergone considerable testing to ensure that the blockchain technology was working as it should. This testing was public knowledge, meaning that the global interest for the coin was high once it was initially launched.

Despite the Chinese Construction Bank facilitating the blockchain needed to transfer and house the coin, the Chinese Central Bank is responsible for the creation and release of new E-Yuan units. 

This inter-bank collaboration is unprecedented in the financial world and just one of the many reasons why E-Yuan is such an exciting coin. 

The scope of E-Yuan is much more ambitious than that of other major mainstream coins. As it's set up as China's horse in the crypto race, there are hopes that E-Yuan can facilitate day to day transactions as well as trading. This means that there are plans to allow you to pay for things like bills and shopping with the coin. 

The global markets are gearing up coming into 2021 for a total conversion to cryptocurrency, and E-Yuan is set to be one of the major players in that conversion. 

By investing now, you have a chance to get your money in before that transition happens.

The Crypto War

In the coming months, there's little doubt that we're going to see a global crypto war with several different coins competing to become the coin of choice for various major governments, banks, and corporations.

Many of the major institutions of the world are still undecided on what they want to adopt. Bitcoin is always in the conversation, but the issue is that it lacks in utility. Despite being the market leader, it doesn't have the technology in its blockchain to facilitate major global transactions.

While all of the major cryptos are going to be duking it out for a spot on the grand stage, E-Yuan already has its position set in stone.

Even a small investment into the coin is enough to diversify your portfolio and prepare you for the incoming price fluctuation.

Yuan Pay Group is here to support you on that journey, so sign up with us today.

Why You Should Invest in E-Yuan

An investment in the Chinese cryptocurrency may just be the greatest financial choice of your generation. There are countless benefits that the coin has going for it.

First Government-Approved Cryptocurrency

As we said, the crypto war is coming, and E-Yuan is already the first government-backed coin on the market.

It's got an instant advantage over every other coin in existence in this regard. It's been set up for long term success, meaning an investment can set you up in the same way.

Experts Agree that Crypto is the Future

There isn't a single respectable economist alive that doesn't think that crypto is the future. Even investors that were initially down on crypto back in 2017 have began putting their money into the industry.

If you don't start investing now, you're going to find it difficult to invest later on. Crypto is a ticking clock, and every passing second makes it more difficult to get involved.

Scalable Price

A single E-Yuan still commands a low price of a few cents per unit. This is similar to Bitcoin prior to its explosion in 2017. By investing before E-Yuan hits the global stage, you stand to hold hundreds of coins that all have the potential to skyrocket in value.

Economists are High on E-Yuan

Major crypto economists, both in China and the wider world, are all high on the potential of E-Yuan. It's too early to speculate on a potential max value, but the consensus is that there is unprecedented room for growth.

Fiat is on the Way Out

The development and launch of E-Yuan are intended to do one major thing, and that's to replace the fiat currency of China. As well as agreeing on crypto, there isn't a single worthwhile economist alive that doesn't think that fiat markets are doomed to fail.

By definition and design, every single economy in the world is due a crash at some point. This is one of the reasons why gold investing is still so highly regarded and one of the reasons why crypto has exploded as it has.

The issue with fiat currency is that it's unlimited. Every year more and more of it is printed, no matter where in the world you are. These actively works against the most fundamental principle of economics, which is supply and demand. As the supply goes up, the price of something is going to go down. This applies to money.

The value of one dollar, Euro, Pound, Yen, or any other currency is not as high as it was 20 years ago. While the rate of pay has increased, it has not done so at the same rate. The result of this is known as inflation.

Inflation kills economies and is directly responsible for some of the worst periods in human history. When money loses its value, civilization breaks down. China is preparing for that with E-Yuan, as is the rest of the world.

That's why investing in crypto now is so important. We're going to see a major shift in global financial policy in the coming months. This shift is going to send the value of all cryptos through the roof, so get your money in before that happens.

China's Coin Has the World Buzzing

China's coin already has the world buzzing with excitement. Major fintech leader Peter Thiel, the founder of PayPal, has publicly expressed his interest in the coin and the potential that it holds for the future.

Other notable names that have chipped in on E-Yuan include the likes of Richard Branson, the founder, and owner of Virgin Group. He believes that the release of China's coin represents a major shift in global finances and plans to invest himself.

E-Yuan has also been featured in serval prestigious publications. It was awarded a spot in the top 10 technological revolutions of the 21st century, an honor that has only driven excitement for the coin up.

As well as that, it has featured in many different editions of Forbes Asia and received recognition as a must-read and trending topic.

YuanPay Group FAQ

As a coin that has yet to be played on the global market, investors tend to have a lot of questions. We're going to cover some common things that people ask us now.

Why E-Yuan over something like Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is a perfectly fine investment, but there are several reasons that indicate E-Yuan is currently a better choice.

First and foremost, Bitcoin has already had its glory day. Every crypto, it seems, undergoes a period of rapid growth until the market corrects itself. Bitcoin had this all the way back in 2017.

While it's going to increase, the potential of Bitcoin is now limited. E-Yuan hasn't undergone that kind of transformation yet, so the sky is still the limit for the coin.

Another main reason, though, is the fact that E-Yuan has banking and government backing. Back in 2017 and 2018, major authoritative bodies aimed to destroy Bitcoin. Failing in that, the plan changed to transition to crypto. 

E-Yuan never had this kind of resistance. It has had the backing of major players since day one.

How much do I need to invest?

The more you invest, the more trades you stand to make. That being said, we've set our deposit limit at $250. We've felt that this was a good amount for American investors that might not be overly familiar with E-Yuan yet. 

This number lets you test out the waters before committing to a large investment.

When is E-Yuan going global?

It's hard to say when the Chinese Construction Bank and the Chinese Central Bank are going to launch the coin to the global markets, but it should be sometime in 2021. It's going to be a big decade for cryptocurrency, and E-Yuan is going to be a part of that.

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